I am content
Are you content too?
There’s a pair of us. 

To spend our days bemoaning 
For what we do not have
To wish for things impossible
Is tiresome and sad.

To be held a vile and vengeful prisoner
By poisonous discontent
To share a cell with greed itself
Is not the soul’s intent.

We two have freed our jealous hearts
Contentment marks our days
We do not want what can’t be had
We’ve tempered our wayward ways.

Look down, look down my fearful friend
See how neglect, and want and care
Have marked the lonely, hapless brow
Of those whose hands are bare.

Give thanks for what you already have
And receive the virtuous reward 
Complain and watch what happens
In hell, your irascible soul’s abode.

So to you my contented friend I say,
We know and understand,

Contentment sings a glad refrain
In hearts that it commands.